Privacy policy

The app Bokstavspussel (below denoted the app) does not collect, or send to any remote entity, any data about the user or the usage of the app. This way the privacy of any user, child, parent or teacher is respected.

The only way any data may be shared in the app is if a user generates a puzzle and actively exports it out of the app, via iTunes file sharing or via e-mail. When this is done the generated puzzle (.puz file) contains no information other than what is necessary to use the generated file in the app. This means that the .puz file contains no private information, no information on the device that generated the .puz file nor any information about the user. The .puz file contains an original image or photo in e.g. JPEG format. This format may however contain information on where the image was taken or on which device according to current standard specifications. However this information is nothing that the app modifies, stores or redistributes in any way. The .puz file also contains the sound recordings that is used in the puzzle. These recordings does not contain any other information than the actual raw sound data. Exporting a .puz file from the app, via iTunes file sharing or via e-mail, is to be considered similar to as sharing a photo or sound recording via the same means.

Jonas Kronander
CEO Gripot